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Could Thor hold the trick to beating Thanos in Avengers 4? Subscribe to our channel:

Hi superhero fans! We hope you're excellent! Yet you're most likely still reeling from the events of this year's Avengers: Infinity Battle, when Thanos removed fifty percent of all life in the Wonder Cinematic Cosmos, aren't you?

Well you're not the only ones – so are the heroes of the MCU (not least the God of Rumbling himself, Thor).

Thor's needed to endure a great deal in recent times – the devastation of Asgard, the fatalities of his parents, his brother as well as his friend, for beginners – and the culling of half of all life in deep space was the proverbial topping on that awful cake!

When the Son of Odin involves terms with what's happened in the MCU, he's going to unleash hell on the Mad Titan – THAT you can ensure – and it might just be available in the form of a military he recruits himself.

In this video, we'll be checking out the theory that Thor is set to hire a cruel horde to take Thanos down in Avengers 4.


That could that army include, though? Well the Avengers (undoubtedly) and also Guardians of the Galaxy. Possibly some planetary beings? Potentially some old adversaries? Maybe even some characters that are no more active! Yet to figure out a lot more, you'll simply need to see the complete video clip, will not you ?!

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