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Some intriguing hint point to the opportunity that Odin had gathered all the Infinity Stones before Thanos did! Subscribe to our channel:

Avengers Infinity Battle triggered numerous theories, and also while in recent months some concepts began drifting around about the possibly that Odin, the previous king of Asgard, might have attempted to gathered the stones himself, out theory is that Odin not only looked for the rocks, he really did collect all 6 of them. Our team believe Odin was able to conserve the universe from old beings hundreds of years back, and by using the Infinity Stones himself Odin has triggered lots of occasions that have actually transpired in the twenty MCU films.
In this video clip we will certainly explore the question of why would certainly an effective resembling Odin will certainly look for the dangerous Infinity Battle, just how he had utilized them, and also what part did Odin played beyond that. We will also offer an explanation on just how could Odin acquired the hardest stone to get, the heart stone. A stone that in order to recover it, Thanos had to make the best sacrifice. Odin could have lagged this act, as well as likewise in charge of the destructive breeze that erased fifty percent of all life in the universe, including several of our favorite Marvel characters, like Spider-Man, Black Panther, Physician Strange as well as the Guardians of the Galaxy.
Our concept will certainly even address couple of story holes, like what was the deal with that phony Infinity Gauntlet in the Thor films and exactly how did the Red Skull wind up in the world Vormir. Could Odin really be the answer for many of our questions, as well as did Odin collect all the Infinity Stones initially, enjoy our great concept video clip as well as discover!

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