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That Will Conserve Iron Male in Avengers: Endgame?
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Thumbnail fan art by @ultraraw26

There are months to go before target markets discover what happened after Thanos' fatal breeze, but we lastly have a teaser trailer to discuss structure by framework to offer us some sort of hint as to exactly how Earth's Mightiest Heroes might avenge those who'll absolutely return at the end of Infinity Battle. With that said new trailer, though, we're entrusted more inquiries. What's Black Widow and also Captain America's strategy? Where did Nebula go? Exactly how did Scott leave the Quantum Realm?


There's one inquiry that has us one of the most nervous, though. What's to become of the MCU's initial hero, Iron Man? As one of the only 2 heroes on Titan to make it through currently appears lost and adrift in space, here's why we believe Tony Stark could be rescued by Captain Marvel.


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