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Avengers 4 Trailer! A summary of a trailer for Avengers 4 (perhaps labelled Avengers: Destruction) has leaked online– yet how much of it is official, and also just how much is fan-fiction? What theories inspired this Avengers Destruction trailer summary, and what would certainly it look like as an actual trailer? Erik Voss breaks down this summary, shot for shot, to describe which plot factors might actually be genuine, as well as which are most likely fan-generated creative imagination. Watch out for SPOILERS, since this synopsis as well as break down still reference REAL set pictures and also dripped rumors that could properly reveal aspects of the Avengers 4 story. Just how could personalities like Loki and Doctor Strange return? Will Tony Stark use time traveling, BARF, or something new to beat Thanos? Where was Hawkeye during Avengers Infinity War, and also what will he depend on in Avengers 4? That should rest on the throne of Wakanda after Black Panther?

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