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AVENGERS 4: Destruction – Intro Trailer Leaked (2019) Wonder's Movie

Lately a description of the trailer made its way to the web and it additionally verified something similar to this leaked footage. As we can see in the trailer, the Infinity Stones on the Gauntlet were not as evidently noticeable, so this surely matches what the description said. Check out just how the trailer would certainly finish according to the description:


We see Captain Wonder drifting with her clenched fists on fire and also her eyes brightened. Thanos in the heart stone with young Gamora shouting at him, Loki and also Thor battling Chitauri with each other. And Tony handing Steve an all new guard in the Wakandan throne area. (Cuts back to Tony and Scott) Tony opens up the orange brief-case as Scott hands him a lit up arm band. Tony asks: "How? … Is this also feasible?" (Iron Guy and Ant-Man are revealed taking a trip via the Quantum World. Tony as well as Scott are back in the fight of New York from 2012. The last shot before the title disclose is an Infinity Rock going away from Thanos' gauntlet. He quickly rises and also places on his shield. His face goes from very irritated to a menacing smile.

So maybe this is indeed the genuine trailer and the Avengers will certainly be pursuing the Infinity Stones in the previous one at a time. That will bring about the stones obtaining disappeared from the Onslaught. This would be an extremely intriguing plot and also we simply can't wait to see whether this is what we receive from the trailer or this video clip is just phony.