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Avengers; Infinity Battle ended with the biggest downer since The Empire Strikes Back, so it's no wonder that every person's attempting to determine what's mosting likely to take place when Thanos returns to the screen in 2019. From hints we've picked up from the comics to hints that we have actually currently seen, right here are our predictions for the possible outcomes of Avengers 4. Spoiler warning: we're mosting likely to be talking a lot about completion of Infinity War …

The New Black Panther|0:22
King of the Dead|1:13
Asgard Reborn|2:13
The return of Korg, Miek, and also Valkyrie|2:56
Tony Stark, R.I.P.|3:23
The All-New Iron Man|4:25
Keep waiting for Adam Warlock|5:17
Capwolf at last|6:53

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